People tend to associate hypnotherapy with phobias, anxiety and pain management. Yet it has so many applications for performance. Here are 5 ways I’ve used it with athletes over the past year…..

  1. Overcome self-limiting beliefs. Beliefs are self fulfilling prophecies. If you believe that we are less than, your behaviours will represent this too. Hypnotherapy can help you to become aware of, and overcome your limiting beliefs. You can choose to replace them with more empowering beliefs which can be reinforced through your behaviour.
  2. Increase your confidence. Many things effect your confidence. Anxiety levels, past experiences and your mindset all impact on how capable you think and feel you are. Hypnotherapy can help you with all the above, providing you with strategies to self manage and stay in control.
  3. Enhance your ability to focus and concentrate. I bet you spend so much time on your physical fitness, how much focus do you put on your mental agility? Learn how to focus your mind, manage pain and overcome mental barriers.
  4. Promote recovery.  Improve your ability to relax utilising a range of techniques from self hypnosis to visualisation and meditation. Improve sleep and lifestyle habits which impact of performance.
  5. Cultivate performance management skills to elevate your performance. Reframe anxiety and Improve your ability to manage your emotional state, pre, during and post-performance, don’t let nerves hold you back any longer!

Whatever your sport, you can develop a mental  toolkit which will empower and enable you to improve your mindset and maximise your performance. You may have a particular problem which you want to overcome, or maybe you are just keen to improve and reach your potential. I would honestly say that every athlete that I have worked with has reported insights and gains from 1:1 sessions.  Get in contact to find out more.

Ion Athlete and Super Mum:  Jess Wilson

Jess Wilson PT.