Emma Howells-Davies

Emma is a behavioural change specialist and coach with over 20 years of experience of supporting people to maximise their performance - in sport, in business and in life.
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Your Mindset Matters

Almost immediately after qualifying as a Coach and PT aged 18, I realised the impact that mindset and attitude had on the results that people were getting. Armed with a qualification, a little knowledge and youthful exhuberance, I remember being curious why people were unable to change their behaviours when I wasn’t there to keep an eye on them. I felt unequipped to help people to modify their thinking and I was determined to find a way to empower my clients with the skills to change. Over the years that followed, I studied behaviour change and gained a degree in health promotion and a post grad in mentoring. Whilst working as a coach within the NHS physiotherapy department, and in gyms and health clubs I gained experience of working with a variety of psychological techniques to help people to become masters of their own mindset. You can see me in action, utilising these skills and empowering change on the recent ITV program, How to be happy. 

In my role now as a performance coach, I am able to draw upon my skills in clinical hypnotherapy, NLP, CBT, mindfulness, mentoring and life coaching to help clients to over come their challenges whilst empowering them to achieve success in their lives.   



Resilience and Mental Toughness

You cant ignore the power of the mind. Your mindset and your mental health is as important as your physical fitness. 

Mental Skills Coaching 

Many of the barriers that we face are personal blocks, self-limiting beliefs and unhelpful ways of thinking which you can learn to overcome.

Elite Performance 

Are you an athlete wanting to maximise your performance? In a game where every second, inch and point matters, how could improving your concentration, focus or mindset help you to be even better?

Athlete Resilience and Recovery 

Many athletes struggle with rest and recovery – even though they know that it’s necessary for optimum performance. How could learning skills like self-hypnosis or mindfulness help you to relax and switch off more easily whilst supporting you to manage obsessional thoughts about training?

Working with Coaches

Do you want to maximise the mindset and attitude within your box or club? Do you want to equip your members with a range of mental skills to empower and enable them to build better habits, learn more easily and make quicker progress? 

Performance Lifestyle

An holistic approach to performance 

We all have routines and responsibilities, and everyday habits which impact on how we think and feel. With the challenges and demands of life, it’s easy to get out of balance. A change in sleep, nutrition or personal relationships can effect your mindset, your energy levels and your performance. 

As your coach, I can help you to work through your challenges, supporting you to build your resilience, empowering you to grow your mindset and keeping you accountable. I can help you to overcome psychological barriers to performance leaving you in your best mindset so you can direct your focus where it needs to be. 

Performance Lifestyle 

You don’t have to be a top athlete to enjoy a performance lifestyle. 

Do you have a high pressure job? Do you work increasingly longer hours? Do you ever feel overwhelmed? Maybe your confidence or energy levels are affected by your ad hoc eating patterns, sedentary habits or a lack of sleep? 

Get in contact to speak about my Peak Performance or Personal Lifestyle Coaching programs to keep you one step ahead of your competitors.

Ideal for busy professionals, business people and entrepreneurs.


What People are Saying

“Mighty Mindset”

“I was impressed how quickly Emma helped me to resolve a performance block related to overing a pain barrier. I feel mentally stronger and tougher and have definitely become a more gritty competitor.” 

“Really got me thinking”

“Challenging you respectfully and facilitating skillfully, Emma really stimulates your thinking. I got a lot from the session and noticed changes in my behaviour and how I am using self-talk in a more positive way.”

“More sleep, energy and focus”

“Emma has helped me to learn how to relax and rest, this has led to a great improvement in my sleep. It has had a knock on effect to my mood and my ability to focus during training.”

“Performance Anxiety Fixed”

“I suffered from terrible performance anxiety and someone recommended I book a session with Emma. After 2 hypnotherapy sessions I saw a big difference! I still apply the techniques and now enjoy competing more than ever!”

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