Like most people I had to adapt my training in a big way over lockdown. I’ve been lucky to have access to some resources, but like everyone I’ve had to adapt and make decisions based on my own sporting goals.

I choose to work on back & lower body strength over lockdown with the kit that I had access to and using heavier weight than I’m used to. ⁠I usually find it difficult to gain strength due to all the fitness work which I enjoy, so with less time to train & surplus cals about, lockdown was a great opportunity to focus on building size with simple exercises.

Starting to notice the benefits in strength as I’m putting things back together again & increasing the variety of movements in my training. ⁠⁠

Here are the exercises and changes which have made the most difference:

  • Glute bridging ⁠
  • Trap bar deadlifts⁠
  • Good mornings⁠
  • Single leg RDL’s ⁠
  • Windmills


  • Plyometric work, double and single leg
  • Dumbbell thrusters
  • Extra glute activation pre-training⁠, so banded work and old school four-point kneeling work focused and controlled.
  • Additional mobility and yoga work to recover⁠.
  • I’ve been doing lots of crawling which has been more enjoyable as a warmup and getting me mentally focused and ready for my session.
  • 50% less cardio work than usual.


I love the undulating, and conjugate style periodisation models which work well with functional fitness, but I’ve had some great results in keeping it really simple with a liner, progressive model and less exercise variety. With limited access to kit over the past 3 months, I focussed on core exercises as heavy as possible rather than a high rep range and it has produced good results.

It’s a great lesson which has reminded me as an athlete and coach to keep your goals in mind always. Also, periodisation is key if you want to make progress in your sport. If you are competing constantly without a recovery period, and off season and preseason style work you are limiting your growth and your recovery. It’s fine getting carried away doing the training you enjoy, but don’t complain if you’re not seeing the result you want.

As the proverb goes, “If you chase 2 rabbits both will escape.”⁠ What are you goals?

If your interested, below are 2 days of exercise combinations which I have been doing. Let me know if you use them and how you find them.

Workout 1
Exercises Notes Sets Reps
Trap Bar Deadlift Chin tucked in 5 5
Weighted step up or jumps Barbell on shoulders or dumbbell by sides 3 10 each leg

(5 each leg for jumps)

Kettle bell swings Use as heavy as possible 24kg+ 3 10-12
Single leg RDL’s Deficit if possible 3 10-12


Workout 2
Exercises Notes Sets Reps
Glute bridge + 3 box jumps

(heavy as possible if not utilise 3:1 and/ or single leg)

Straight into

3x high box jumps before resting

4 6
Static lunge Foot elevated on plate 3 8 each side
Good Mornings


Barbell if possible, option to use KB holding close to chest 3 10-12
Windmills KB or DB, build weight gradually 3 8-10 each side


Emma is a Level 4 Strength and Conditioning and coach with a background in psychology and over 20 years of coaching experience. She is also a functional fitness athlete and has represented GB in the sport.