My Background

I’m a coach specialising in mindset. I have over 20 years experience of working in the health and fitness industry, empowering people to maximise their physical and psychological wellbeing.


I have always been involved in competitive sports, mostly marital arts in which I competed at international level for team GB in knock down karate. My highest achievement was gaining 2nd place in the 2005 World Championships. I’ve also trained in Thai boxing, boxing, skating and roller derby. I found Crossfit, 2 years ago and I have a newly found passion for competing. With weightlifting, gymnastics and strength and conditioning work, there is so much to learn and improve on each day and most of my own daily training centres around this. 

My training and experience

I developed many of my skills helping people with change during my 12 years experience working for the NHS. I provided health promotion and rehabilitative support to both patients and employees with physical and mental challenges, empowering them through exercise and teaching a range of self-management skills to improve their sleep, energy levels, mood and mindset. 

Over the years, I have continued to learn, investing in my own training and development, gaining a degree and a post grad and many vocational courses. I have learnt so much from the health professionals that I worked with, gaining valuable on the job experience which has enabled me to apply my academic knowledge and work with a range of people from NHS patients to Olympic athletes. I continue to learn from people within the industry, gaining inspiration from fellow coaches and clients, taking on new challenges and exposing myself to new learnings which improve my capacity to help individuals to learn and grow. 

Performance Circle Empowerment

In 2007 I set up a private practice offering hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching to athletes for sports performance. Due to demand and wanting to apply my knowledge of how to empower people with the skills to maximise their health I founded the Performance Circle.

In addition to the athlete work, the Performance Circle works with organisations educating and supporting them to build resilient teams who are empowered to take responsibility for their own health. I run workshops and training, and deliver performance coaching to maximise health and wellbeing at work. I teach clients how to optimise performance through movement at work, building everyday habits which build resilience, lifestyle leadership and how to lead a performance lifestyle.

Lifestyle leadership

Initially I set up the Performance Circle to empower better health and wellbeing – using the workplace as a setting for this. Business are switched on to maximising employee wellbeing – they realise that when people are well and feel good they are more productive and creative. When people are ill, sleeping poorly or struggling with stress, they underperform, act disruptively or become absent from work.

Whilst I’ve enjoyed the rehabilitative work, I have always wanted to prevent suffering and motivate people to  take responsibility for their health.  I saw a great opportunity to take a more proactive approach through teaching people the skills to look after themselves. By educating businesses about Leadership Lifestyle, raising motivation and teaching their workforce how they can improve not only their work performance, but improve their quality of life through simple everyday habits.

For Leadership Lifestyle, work based health promotion or training, please visit the Performance Circle corporate pages


What People are Saying

“Professional And Relevant”

“Emma made the training highly relevant to us. We were able to instantly apply the learning and have been surprised how impactful it has been.”

“Really got me thinking”

“Challenging you respectfully and facilitating skill-fully, Emma really stimulates your thinking. I got a lot from the session and noticed changes in my behaviour and how I am using self talk in a more positive way.”

“More sleep, energy and focus”

“Emma has helped me to learn how to relax and rest, this has led to a great improvement in my sleep. It has had a knock on effect on my mood and my ability to focus during training.”

“Performance Anxiety Fixed”

“I suffered from terrible performance anxiety and someone recommended I book a session with Emma. After 2 hypnotherapy sessions I saw a big difference! I still apply the techniques and now enjoy competing more than ever!”