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Do you struggle with competition anxiety?

It seemed like a good idea at the time, to set yourself a challenge, something to focus your training on and test yourself. And then a week before the competition you feel the anxiety building to an uncomfortable level. You worry about not being good enough and rather...

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What did you learn?

Learning from experiences leads to evolved decision making. You can utilise feedback to work on your weaknesses. You can replicate & build on your strengths whilst developing your repertoire of responses for different situations. With focus & intent you can...

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Mind-set isn’t just about mindfulness!  

I feel very grateful to have my latest article published in Thrive magazine. Mindset has always been a popular focus for high performers. From business people to top athletes and artists - they all know that mind-set is key in helping them to deliver and reach their...

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Competition Anxiety

It seemed like a good idea. To challenge yourself and have some goals to work towards. Then competition days comes and you're a bag of nerves. You worry that your'e not good enough and you might even question why you put yourself forward in the first place. When...

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You Are Not Broken

In my mind-set courses I make it clear that no one is broken and so nobody needs fixing. Our experiences have led us to where we are. Yet we all have goals and outcomes, which we want to achieve and gain satisfaction from. Sometimes we can make things really hard for...

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Honesty And Courage

You can be tough physically, but are you tough enough to recognise when you have a mental block? Are you brave enough to ask for help? Or have you decided to make excuses or avoid things? The level of honesty and guts from participants on my mind- set program is what...

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Mind-set help for coaches and athletes

It can become clear to a coach when an athletes lack of progress is down to a mental block, rather than competence or ability. You many not feel equipped to have a deep into psychological conversation, but you want to support your athletes to succeed, so how can you...

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Change Your Mindset! How?

Change your Mind-set!? Deep down you might know that you need help to overcome your mental blocks, but it's never nice to be told. When these moments arise you always have a choice. To ignore and go into denial, or to accept the feedback and reflect on it. Maybe your...

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Fighting Grit

Resilient athletes cope well in high-pressure situations. They draw upon their resources to adapt and adjust their responses. Their decision making is optimised. Intense learning opportunities & competitive experiences accelerate the learning of these skills....

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