Yesterday was supposed to be one of the most miserable days of the year. We hope you have you survived it!


Many people can struggle with their mood during the winter. The Christmas buzz has passed and you can be left feeling flat and skint with a sugar craving to overcome.


Obviously, we favour exercise as our everyday medicine for mood and mindset but we also love Positive Psychology too.


It’s a scientific study of what makes life worth living and has been proven to have a measurable effect on our happiness and wellbeing. So, unlike many of the traditional approaches which focus on the problem, is an approach which focuses on your strengths and what is good in your life.


There is always good stuff happening, but your brain can get into the habit of filtering in the negative stuff, and like a magnet you can attract more of that into your life, and you’ll focus on trying to fix that – and you can get caught in a bit of a maze.

Have you ever noticed the more negative you feel, people will moan to you and you will moan back and keep the energy zapping, misery cycle going?


Likewise, where you are around people who are more positive and upbeat, that can make you feel uplifted and happier too. Who has that impact on you and what are they doing differently?


A simple way to apply Positive Psychology in your life is to get into the habit of noticing what went well.



◀️ What went well today at work? (as rather than focusing other rude customer)

◀️ What went well in training? (as opposed to what you couldn’t do)

◀️ What went well on your commute to work? In that meeting?

◀️ You may not have finished your assignment, but how many words did you write today?

◀️ What positive interactions did you have today?

Get the idea? You don’t need to look for big things here, it’s just about getting into the habit of focusing on the good stuff so it becomes an effortless habit. For many people this comes naturally, for others it does not. As a determined and dissatisfied athlete, I’ve had to learn it to prevent my own misery too!

I have see this technique entirely transform team dynamics and performance. It is a well know fact that happy people are more productive at work.


This practice is researched and credible. It’s simple but highly effective. Commit to doing this for a week and see how differently you feel.


You can make behaviours like this a habit. Follow my habit breaking template for help with this.

Remember healthy habits like this support you to stay happy and well all year around, they build your resilience and bounce-ability.

Whether your motivation is your family, work or to improve your sports performance, you can benefit from using this technique in all areas of your life.


P.S It’s great for children too!


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Joyful Athlete: Amanda French