Are you seeing the results that you want?


Or are your eating habits keeping your goals just out of reach?  So many people work hard in the gym, but don’t achieve the results that they deserve because of their mindset and habits related to food. How are yours?


Do you:

Binge or comfort eat?

Think of food as good or bad?

Go on or off diets or have weeks when you cut calories for an event or night out?

Obsess about food?

Feel miserable about what you’re eating?


Stress or emotional eating, seeking food for comfort and relaxation. Habits of the past prevent so many from achieving the future they want. You might have outgrown these habits and know they are no longer serving you well, yet you still run them. When you’ve learned and invested a lot of time into habits, it can be hard to let go of them – when you don’t have a plan.


Consider any emotional eating patterns which once may have provided a sense of comfort and calm for you, often learned from parents or the tribe or community within which we live and work. Ask yourself, do these habits still serve you well? Do they fit with your current goals? Do they still satisfy and comfort you, or do they compound your problems further?


As a coach I empathise and acknowledge your frustration. I see you putting in the work and I want you to reap the rewards. When you get stuck in negative food habits, it can stifle your progress and impact on your long-term motivation and commitment. if you’re not seeing results, of course you will get pissed off!



For me as a parent and athlete, and having worked with behaviour change for 20+ years, I’ve learned it’s all about balance.  I eat burgers, steak and chocolate each week. I consume alcohol too.  I also eat eggs, fish, broccoli, oats and bread and butter daily. My eating habits are about giving me energy to feel good and enjoy my life with my family.


Food is fuel to learn new things and help others through my work.  I see food as neither good or bad. Some foods linger on me, leaving me feeling lethargic and slow, I’m  mindful to notice things like this, and next time choose other fuel instead. Sometimes I eat foods which I don’t enjoy, but I’m not a child and you don’t have to bribe me with a desert or a treat. I’m not on a diet so I don’t feel deprived. I believe you don’t have to enjoy every meal, or abstain from whole food groups – unless you have a particular goal, or specific reason for doing that.



Like me, you can break free of the emotional ties with food and make decisions which fit with your goals now- whether that’s related to weight loss, health, fitness, or performance.

You can form a freedom of mindset around food which is practical and serves you well now.


I am passionate about this topic, I have made these changes myself and have supported thousands of others to make these changes. For these reasons I have teamed up with the amazing Thrive magazine to bring you the Food Habits Mindset program. We empathise and understand your challenges and can help you to find a better way forward.


The program will help you to:


  • Unchain yourself from eating habits which prevent you from achieving your goals.
  • Break habits and create new ones which support you to live the lifestyle you want.
  • No more short-term diets of calorie cutting for events such as holidays or nights out.
  • Change your perception around food and see it for what it is, rather than an emotional crutch to help you through problems.
  • Cultivate new, empowering food related habits which leave you nourished, energised and boosts your exercise performance


With over 40 years of combined industry experience, we have pooled our knowledge and resources to bring you an in-depth program which will empower you with the tools to change and make your new habits stick. I will be using my experience as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner and Coach to help you to improve your mindset with food so you can stop talking about weight loss and get on with your life achieving the results that you deserve!


Click on this link for more info about the program via Thrive Mag. The early bird saving is on until the end of the week.


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