Athletes, know your values!

Values drive behaviour, so the causes we commit to, the people we trust in, and who we will go the extra mile for. You may not like psychology or the mindset aspect of training, but I suggest you’re missing a trick if you ignore it.

Trust, respect, loyalty, love, happiness, honesty, health and equality. We could say that all these things are important, but some are more important to us than others. You may not consciously be aware of this, but you go out of your way to honour certain values, and you clash with others when what is important to you is not important to them. Think of someone with whom you have a turbulent relationship…a team mate you don’t get on with easily?

When we act in line with our values we feel satisfied and happy. When our behaviours don’t reflect what drives us – perhaps due to pressure from outside influences or peer pressure, it can leave us feeling misaligned.
When we go against our values we feel ill at ease. Symptoms of this can include frustration, stress, reduced motivation and anxiety. It can manifest in our mood, our mindset & our performance.
Realign yourself to find that spark, drive and confidence again.
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Images from Strength In Depth Finals 2019

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