Everything we do in the gym creates a level of fatigue.
With adequate recovery we grow fitter, stronger, our muscles adapt and we become more robust as a result. But how well are you actually recovering before you smash yourself in your next session?
Here are 3 easy regeneration strategies which will promote recovery & improve daily performance.
1. Cooling down – do you just lie on the floor or sit around at the end of a workout before crawling out? Come on, you know better!
2. Nutrition. Soon after training- not after a coffee, a trip to the shops & answering all the messages on your phone! Become more organised with fuel.
3. Adequate warm up, mobility & potentiation drills to prepare your body for exercise, mindfully & with intent. Moving with awareness will reduce your risk of injury, and restoring mobility post session will promote recovery & heamostatis.
These are obvious strategies which take little effort,  but how many are you doing daily?
Coaches, share this info with your athletes &  remind them how these simple actions & an adjustment in mindset can reduce their risk of injury & enable higher quality sessions leading to better results 💪
Athlete: Amanda French Insta: @Amanda.french80
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