3 ways focusing on your mobility will improve your sports performance:
✔️ Improving movement efficiency, less effort & resistance into key positions.  Reduced fatigue, improved strength.
✔️ Promoting recovery – improving circulation, restoring range post training.
✔️ Reducing your risk of injury – if a joint is too tight the joints/ muscles around it take a hammering. E.g when your hips / glutes are tight you may get lower back soreness. If your thoracic spine is stiff your traps can act as a shock absorber & become overactive. .
In the search for better performance it’s easy to do more training when often there are wiser options. Increased volume & intensity will compound mobility challenge’s further. Commit to doing the boring work which will ultimately lead to improved physical performance.
 As simple as it seems not many athletes & coaches are wise to it. Or they know, but can’t make the adjustments. Ive been coaching for over 22 years & I love tough, old school training. It’s the tough ridged martial arts training I was brought up with. But we must act on these insights if we are to stay healthy, competitive & injury free. It’s great to deadlift 135kg but if I can’t pick up or wrestle with my children then  what is the point of functional fitness training?
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