Our values fuel our actions, our emotions and our behaviour, they are linked to our morals and ethics.

Knowing your values will help you to make better decisions in life, enabling you to feel certain about WHAT you do and WHO you do it with.

Here are 3 reasons how knowing your values can help you with learning and behaviour change:

  1. Helping you to understand WHY you feel a certain way – so you can take action sooner to resolve issues.
  2. Increasing deep motivation and drive to learn and improve. Strengthening your power to overcome bad habits and create new ones.
  3. Increasing focus and commitment. When your actions fit with who you are and what you believe in commitment is easier because you are connected to the why. You get things done, you make things happen. There is no; but, maybe, I don’t know, I’m not sure, I was going to. You say yes, you just DO with a whole new level of certainty.


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Crossfit Athlete: Emma Davies, Power Athletics

Photo Credit : RXD Photography