Integrity. Wholenesss of character. Having the courage to do the right thing, even when it’s not convenient for you & when nobody is looking. It’s an antidote to self interest & narcissism.
No matter how fit, talented, rich or clever you believe you are, ultimately, how you treat people tells all.  Integrity is everything. Integrity & honesty build a foundation of trust in relationships. Without trust, relationships are fragile & lack stability.
You are not born with or without integrity. It is behaviour based and you can cultivate it over time.
You can set a goal to show more integrity in everyday life.
Here are examples of integrity based habits:
1. Apologising & owning up when you’ve done something wrong- even when you’ve got away with it. Saying sorry to those you perceive to be in less powerful positions than yourself. Children, customers, team members, parents who we take for granted.
2. Appreciating, recognising and crediting others. Leaders, bosses, captains with integrity don’t need to feel powerful by taking credit for other people’s work. They recognise & praise the success of their team & support them-  even as they surpass them.
3. By showing a level of kindness and humility through arguements or disagreements with friends, family members & colleagues. Do you really need & want to make them suffer? You can be assertive without the nastiness.
4. Giving people the benefit of the doubt when the situation is unclear. It’s usually easier to side with the  tribe. Staying neutral requires strength of character 💪.
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