It is true, I am a clinical hypnotherapist. It’s one of the skills which I can draw upon to help people with change, to overcome limiting behaviours or improve performance.
When people hear this, they say, “Can you hypnotise me?!”
The truth is we are hypnotising ourselves all the time. Trance is a naturally occurring state. We move in and out of helpful and unhelpful trances for much of the day. It’s likely you’ve been in a trance state now, mindlessly scanning posts…..
You may not realise how many of these behaviours are automatic in the same way your lifestyle, work & learning behaviours are too.
And, although its not some magical phenomenon, you can get some magical results when you fully apply yourself, focus & give attention to what it is that you want. You know this already.
Hypnotherapy can accelerate the process by helping you to create new ways of thinking which result in new ways of behaving.
Through the therapeutic hypnotherapy process you can identify the changes you want to make and install these behaviours at a deeper level. It can assist you to make sense of things, recognising patterns, changing habits and increasing preferences for optimised behaviours.
So yes I can hypnotise you, if you are motivated & have an outcome you want to achieve.
Curious? Interested? Want to book a session?
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