Stretching, yoga & mediation can be boring. If I’m honest I’d rather be doing something more energetic and have a good sweat.
Yet I am committed to doing these exercises daily. I take the time to mobilise and practice mindfulness as I compete & I train for over 12hrs a week lifting weights & doing repeative movements which make me tight.
I want to prevent injury, promote recovery & improve the quality of my sleep. These techniques help me to stay injury free despite being over 40years old & participating in tough funtional fitness & weightlifting training activities.
 I bear these things in mind when coaching & I empathise that for many of you a recovery routine  is harder to commit to than your weightlifting/ running /swimming/boxing/  gymnastics.
I hope my empathy comes across in my coaching. I want you to know that I understand. I have had to work at this skill too, and if my relentless, monkey mind can learn it, then there is hope for everyone. I won’t frown if you wriggle during meditation, this for me is the toughest part, I get it.
I hope my post encourages you to participate in mobility related classes & activities outside the gym which keep you injury free & smashing it in training .
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