I am a great believer that when we push ourselves to do what we are fearful of we become stronger and more resilient.  These experiences bring out the best in us, they build our confidence helping us to see new possibilities.  I have always competed in sports, I wouldn’t say I’ve always enjoyed it and I used to feel the pressure to be the best. Nowadays I enjoy it more. Maybe it’s because I’m more grateful as the opportunities to compete in sport at my age seem less. And definitely it’s because I’ve changed my perspective and improved my mindset. Every competition I have entered in different sports over the years has helped me to learn and improve, and that makes me keep returning for more. I love learning this stuff and challenging the idea that sport is only for youngsters! 

Thank you to my husband Neil who has been there and held my hand through all the karate, boxing, skating and Crossfit competitions! Thank you to all my family and friends for the ongoing love and help with Zoe and Luke whilst I head off on my latest adventure to represent team GB in Oz.

And a big shot out to coach Bill and all the Function  SFR community for your support, hugs, encouragement and kind wishes. We all love working hard, training and pushing each other to learn and gain new experiences and I feel that I am sharing this with you. I hope that I can do you all proud flying the Welsh and British Flags in Australia.

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