Today is World Mental Health Day. Nobody wants to talk about suicide, but then you lose someone to it again and you are reminded that feeling uncomfortable is worth it if it means preventing a death.

Suicide is a growing epidemic which is robbing us of our family and friends. Having lost a family member and a number of friends to suicide I want to remind you that everyone is at risk or could become at risk. 

Earlier in the year Adam (in the pic) and I went down to support the #SickNotSad event to raise awareness of the problem. It was really positive with so many people wanting to use their muscle to do something to help. Sports people and those with all-or-nothing obsessional tendencies are at risk too- don’t think that they are not.  

When you feel low you can drift down a hole and isolate yourself. Anxiety and obsessional thoughts can sink in, you can feel ashamed. A lack of sleep and rest, too much time thinking can make you feel like you are going mad. Keeping it all in can make you feel like you want to explode or weigh you down, so heavy.  

So, if this is you and you feel yourself slipping, please do something about it before it becomes more difficult. If it feels too tough already, use your courage and innate instinct to survive. Reach out and ask for help. I want you to know you can get through this even if you can’t understand how now. Speak to someone, anyone. A trained helper, family member or friend, a stranger is sometimes easier. Above all, just ask for help!  

Let’s look out for each other and keep an eye on our mates. Do not give up on them if they are being moody, give them time, but don’t let them withdraw for too long. Ask them how they are, throw them a line, pull them close and give them a hug instead of cutting them lose for acting weird or being odd. Send a text, pick up the phone, help them to stay connected and feel that somebody cares.

Samaritans: Call 116123 email

Share this message and be someone who cares, this small action today could save someone’s life tomorrow.  

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Pic : Sash Shots Photography

Athlete: Adam Priday