It seemed like a good idea at the time, to set yourself a challenge, something to focus your training on and test yourself.

And then a week before the competition you feel the anxiety building to an uncomfortable level. You worry about not being good enough and rather than feel excited to put all your hard work into action, you feel anxious and miserable. You lose sleep, you feel needy and lacking confidence and you’re aware of how negative your self talk sounds aloud.

You may even question why you put yourself forward in the first place. Everyone tells you, “Just enjoy it.” You tell yourself this too, but secretly, deep down, the anxiety that you are experiencing makes you feel like you can’t!

Over the years I’ve worked with many top athletes  and I want to reassure you that they often feel feel nervous. Whether the completion is local, regional or at national level, you are putting your self on the line and you want to do well. On the day performance management skills are key. But if you don’t want to turn up depleted and beaten, your mindset in the run up to the comp is of paramount importance.

Here are my top mindset tips to help you to overcome your competition nerves.

  1. Stop comparing yourself to other people. This is an unhelpful trait, which does not lead to happiness or success. When you focus on others you lose focus of your own performance. This mindset  and behaviour will hinder your long-term progress.
  2. Plan your strategy and action to it. Don’t lose your cool or your focus and get distracted by other people. With experience you can afford to be more flexible.
  3. Trust your coach, take their advice and be reassured by their confidence in you.
  4. Feel the love. Feel the support from spectators or team mates. Tap into the energy and utilise it. Support others and wish them well.
  5. Be proud for putting yourself forward. Stop putting yourself down or apologising for yourself. Stand tall and strong and commit fully.
  6. Don’t waste your energy thinking about what you can’t change. The conditions, the workouts and the competitors are out of your control and there is no time left to work on your strength/ fitness or technical ability. Do your best, accept where you are right now and use all you have.
  7. Stay in the growth mindset. In the growth mindset, you see mistakes and struggles as an opportunity to learn. This can fire you up to focus on your weaknesses rather than complaining about them and hoping that next time you get better luck. Growth mindset thinking will improve your chances of success in a great way. Invest time learning how do do it (Give me a shout about my mindset courses.)
  8. You’ve done the work, now enjoy the experience and see it as an opportunity to test yourself and gain new experiences and feedback, which will make you a more resilient athlete.

Now go and smash it!!

Let me know if it helps you and feel free to share 💪

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