Learning from experiences leads to evolved decision making.

You can utilise feedback to work on your weaknesses. You can replicate & build on your strengths whilst developing your repertoire of responses for different situations.

With focus & intent you can improve your mental game.

You can get fitter, stronger and faster and improve your sports performance.

When we don’t learn from our mistakes we often repeat them. This happens in a minor way on a daily basis.

Think about your most frequent arguments or frustrations. Consider the apologies you make daily. “I’m sorry for being late”. And the things you say in training, “Ah, not a running WOD again!” or “I’m don’t weightlifting in the morning! Well, unlucky if your first event in a comp is weight lifting!

Yet, when mistakes feel painful or situations are embarrassing, your mind wants you to forget…..

What have you forgotten to learn from recently?

Think about your sports performances. You will always have strengths and weaknesses, preferred exercises, workouts, events, players to play with and places to perform yet there are elements of your performance, which could be improved with a shift in mind-set. By getting into the habit of reflecting on your performances you can learn and improve. Take a toothcomb to it and see what knots you find.

In Crossfit, what behaviours cost you time and points?

– Your chalking up habit

– Not warming up/ mobilsing enough

-Not recovering/ stretching/ fueling yourself for the next event

– A lack of believe in yourself

– Getting distracted by your own emotions or frustration

– Getting distracted by your competitors

-Your clothing, hair, kit


What can you learn from your last competitive experience, which can improve your next performance? Make a list and take action

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