In my mind-set courses I make it clear that no one is broken and so nobody needs fixing. Our experiences have led us to where we are.

Yet we all have goals and outcomes, which we want to achieve and gain satisfaction from.

Sometimes we can make things really hard for ourselves and it can be tough to break out of old habits. Stuff is hidden out of our awareness. We forget things which are painful, in order for us to cope (at the time). Self- limiting beliefs can hold us back.  Childhood experiences can leave us feeling less than.

All of these things can affect our self-belief, our motivation and our commitment.

It’s important to regularly clear out your filters and gain new perspectives, so that you can behave in ways which fit with what you want and how you want to live.

A spring clean if you like.

Replace the old behaviours, with new and fresh ways of thinking. More empowering ones going forward.

We are learning things daily, so how about applying these learning’s to make better decisions, why not ditch the habits which no longer serve us well and create habits which support us achieve better results.

We are coping well, but who wants to become even more effective?

How can you embrace challenges and emerge from them stronger and more resourceful?

When you learn how to develop you mindset, this is possible.

The topics and techniques which I teach on my mind-set course are the same as the ones that I use, whether I’m working with elite athletes, business leaders or on the TV.

The focus is performance orientated and solutions focused, it’s important to acknowledge problems, but we dont focus on them.

By gaining knowledge and an understanding of how your mind works is empowering and enabling and helps you to know what you need to let go of, do more of, and learn from. Through the coaching process you gain new perspectives, which help you to overcome your weaknesses and build on your strengths.

By gaining insights you can make better decisions, improve focus and raise motivation. You can increase your commitment levels, so you can be more disciplined to take action- even when you don’t feel like it.

The course is constructed to empower you to create better everyday habits- in a marginal gains approach.

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