You can be tough physically, but are you tough enough to recognise when you have a mental block? Are you brave enough to ask for help?

Or have you decided to make excuses or avoid things?

The level of honesty and guts from participants on my mind- set program is what I have been most impressed by.

We all have weaknesses & unhelpful habits. Admitting a weakness is not being negative when you want to do something about it.

Everyone comes with their own fitness and performance related goals, so everyone gets different outcomes from the training.

And what has stuck me most about the last two courses is the empathy and respect that people have shown for each other despite these differences.

As I reiterated on the course, you are not broke and you don’t need fixing. My aim is not to provide solutions to your problems.

I don’t know what’s best for you, that is your job. My job is to empower you with knowledge & help you to use it. I will share my experiences, tell stories and teach you strategies to assist you build your own resources, your toolkit.

Through asking coaching questions I can get you to focus in on what you want. All of these processes will enable you to gain new perspectives and enlightened ways of thinking, which will equip you to overcome problems.

Participants often achieve many outcomes, which are surprising and unexpected.

I felt very grateful & privileged to have worked with you all. I have learned from you too.

I hope that those of you, who have made this investment will have the confidence and courage to keep making mistakes, learning and improving.

Thanks to @function_sfr for hosting us & to @garjsmith for the fantastic pics, cheers Guys

Photo Credit: Gareth J Smith

Gym: Function SFR. A community where Mindset is valued.