It can become clear to a coach when an athletes lack of progress is down to a mental block, rather than competence or ability. You many not feel equipped to have a deep into psychological conversation, but you want to support your athletes to succeed, so how can you help?

People get quite defensive about mind-set. In my opinion this thinking is skewed and can be a barrier to progress. I’ve met athletes who would rather quit their goals than seek help to change their thinking, denying that their problems have anything to do mind-set. Many people reach out too late- when they are really suffering, after a big ‘failure’or as a last resort. Often a clinical intervention or therapy is the only option that they see available.

Yet it’s clear that elite athletes, top performers and business executives all use coaches to help them to become even better.

So what if you were to encourage your athletes to change their thinking and truly take on the mind-set of an elite performer? To take their mental fitness as serious as their physical training?

What if they could develop their awareness and cultivate a toolkit of skills and strategies which will help them to rebound from failure more insightful and stay focused through injury? What sort of athlete could these skills empower them develop into?

My peak performance coaching service offers 1:1 bespoke specialist support for athletes and performers wanting to maximise their mindset. For more info visit or message me to arrange a call.

Photo Credit: Gareth Smith