Resilient athletes cope well in high-pressure situations.

They draw upon their resources to adapt and adjust their responses. Their decision making is optimised.

Intense learning opportunities & competitive experiences accelerate the learning of these skills.

During these high pressure situations athletes experience feedback which leads to high speed learning during the event, and after it, if the athlete reflects. Often you gain more learnings when you underperform or ‘lose.’

A trained fighter will have performed thousands of strikes, many different angles, adapting to hit targets.

In a fight situation this is happening so fast. Reactions are automatic & instinctive. What you’ve trained in the dojo, and then, as the fight progresses and when you’re exhausted, you’ve got to dig deeper. It often comes down to pure toughness and the desire to win & survive. The athmosphere is electric, primal.

When your strength is depleted, how much grit have you got?

Strikes miss & land. You get hit, you respond. Getting hurt is a distraction which impacts on your focus. Your ability to manage your state, recover & adapt is vital to your survival.

Whatever sport you do, with the right attitude & mindset, your competitive experiences can lead to strengthened resilience & an athlete toolkit which will serve you well beyond your sport.

MMA Fighter: Lew Long, Mat Academy Wales