Post from Function SFR 11th Jan 2019.

Today seen the first instalment of the 4 week Mindset development course ran by the head of Performance Circle @emmahowellsdavies

Speaking to Emma after the course she said……

“It’s not about being annoying happy and pretending that everything is great all of the time. It’s not about positive affirmations and superficial fixes which you don’t really believe. It’s about being honest with yourself, having self awareness and taking full responsibility for your actions. It’s about realising that you are more than your behaviour. It’s about knowing what you are doing to keep yourself stuck, having the guts to admit it, and building yourself a ladder to get the hell of of there!!!”

Episode one was awesome, and we are super looking forward to next week.

Quote of the day from Emm leading into the weekend – “How focused are you? Set your intention and pay attention to the strategies and techniques which will get you what you want.”

See the latest course dates here

Photo Credit: Gareth Smith