If you are a professional, semi-professional athlete or someone who trains more than 2-hours a day, your routine and needs are different to those who do a 9-5pm job. Competition pressure, traveling and training demands can make it more challenging to take care of yourself, particularly if you are working or have family responsibilities. With this in mind, it’s even more important to be organised with you food and rehab recovery plans to minimise the risk of injury.

Your physical fitness may be your top priority but don’t neglect your mindset and your mental health as that powerful computer up there needs looking after too. Ensure that you are maintaining a good balance and cultivate some interests outside of sport, make time for social connections (and I don’t mean through a tablet!). As temping as it is to think, sleep and eat sport, having additional interests in your life will make you more resilient. It will also make you better equipped to cope with injuries and setbacks. Think about how you can keep yourself in check whilst maintaining an appropriate balance. This will help you to prevent burnout and you can notice and take action to prevent dips in your performance.

Photo: Endurance Athlete: John Howells